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Iraqi’s Storm US Embassy In Baghdad

12/31/2019 By: Richard Saunders

Thousands of Iraqi protesters upset over deadly U.S. airstrikes stormed the American Embassy in Baghdad, breaking down doors and setting fires.

It’s time for the United States to get out of the middle east.

CNN Reported:

US forces conducted airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against five facilities the Pentagon says are tied to an Iranian-backed militia blamed for a series of attacks on joint US-Iraq military facilities housing American forces.

The strikes occurred at about 11 a.m. ET on Sunday, a source familiar with the matter told CNN. They stand as the first significant military response in retaliation for attacks by the Shia militia group, known as Kataib Hezbollah, that have injured numerous American military personnel, according to US officials.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman described the strikes against the group as “precision defensive strikes” that “will degrade” the group’s ability to conduct future attacks against coalition forces.

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