The Fix Is In: Special Counsel Mueller and His Partisan Hack Team

Former-FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel over the Russian-Trump investigation back on May 17, 2017. Since then, Mueller has staffed his team with partisan hack swamp creatures.

One of Mueller’s first hires is Jeannie Rhee a former Clinton Foundation attorney. For years she worked tirelessly to shield the Clinton Foundation from lawsuits and investigations.

Another key member of Mueller’s team is James L Quarles III. Quarles has a long career arguing before the Supreme Court and was an assistant prosecutor during Watergate, but more importantly, FEC reports show Quarles has donated thousands to the campaign’s for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Al Gore, and even the DCCC and DSCC.

Andrew Weissmann the most senior government lawyer to join Mueller’s team is an Adjunct Professor of Law at NYU and has also donated thousands to Barack Obama according to FEC reports.

There’s a reason democrats have been overjoyed by the appointment of Robert Mueller, he’s best friends with James Comey and has surrounded himself with democrat hack swamp creatures.

The country and Trump are about to get hosed by these partisan hacks pretending to be ‘independent.’ After searching through tons of FEC reports I could not find any members of this special counsel that have ever donated to a Republican presidential candidate.