Google Ignores Easter, But Has Countdown Page To Islamic Holiday

The home page for is famous for reorganizing their doodle to celebrate significant holidays, people, or events, but not for Christian holidays. Google has kept their doodle conspicuously plain on Easter the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

Google has claimed that they have a policy against doing doodles for religious holidays, but they have an entire page countdown clock to the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

In the past Google has done a couple of small Jewish holidays, some commercial “saint” days like St. Patrick’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day that are secular now. They will also put up a cliche “Happy Holidays” around Christmas without using the word “Christmas” at all.

Google does celebrate every irrelevant special occasion or liberal PC cause by completely changing their doodle on a near daily basis:

Great alternatives to Google are (Microsoft) or a less mainstream choice with more privacy protections