#NeverTrump McMullin Over $670k In Debt For Failed Presidential Campaign

Evan McMullin the absurd #NeverTrump candidate is over $670,000 in debt from his failed presidential campaign. McMullin knew he never had a realistic chance to win the campaign, but he still decided to go over a half a million dollars into debt to place third in Utah.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, vendors are concerned they won’t get paid back for their services:

    “From what I know, they do not have any capability or plans to pay all the vendors they still owe money,” says Tanner Leatham, owner and CEO of Utah-based Gathering Inc., which solicited signatures to get McMullin on the ballot in five states and is still owed more than $10,000. “They have told me they cannot pay us what they owe.”

    Leatham adds that for a small, startup firm, unpaid bills sting even more.

    McMullin’s latest filing with the Federal Election Commission shows six companies with outstanding bills, the largest of which is the Florida-based law firm Hopping, Green & Sams, which is owed nearly $520,000. The firm declined to comment on the bills.