New ABC poll is a FRAUD, oversampled Dem’s 50% vs Rep’s

ABC just released a new national poll:

    Hillary Clinton surged to a broad advantage against Donald Trump in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, capitalizing on Trump’s recent campaign missteps. Two-thirds of Americans see him as biased against groups such as women, minorities or Muslims, and a new high, 64 percent, call Trump unqualified to serve as president.

    These and other doubts about Trump have produced a sharp 14-point swing in preferences among registered voters, from +2 points for Trump in mid-May, after he clinched the GOP nomination, to +12 points for Clinton now, 51-39 percent. That snaps the race essentially back to where it was in March.

Here is the problem with the ABC poll just released, it sampled 50% more democrat’s than Republicans, no wonder the result show’s Crooked Hillary leading! Tell ABC what you think.

Here is the poll details and here is the specific section where the fraud occurs. ****METHODOLOGY –~ Partisan divisions are 36-24-33 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents, in the full sample, 37-27- 30 among registered voters.

They also asked several biasing questions during the survey.

Rigged polls can have an influence on which candidate voters choose to vote for:

A new working paper by Neil Malhotra of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and David Rothschild of Microsoft Research, shows that some voters do, in fact, switch sides in an effort to feel accepted and to be part of a winning team.

Don’t fall for the upcoming polls that have been proven to be bias for Hillary Clinton.