Obama Changed DOJ Line Of Succession To Obama Ally In Case Of Sessions Recusal

Mark Hemingway with the Weekly Standard explains that something very fishy is going on because of Obama’s decision in its final weeks to shuffle the line of succession in the Justice Department to an Obama ally in case of a Session recusal.

Hemingway said, “Something fishy happened the final week of the Obama administration. The Obama White House quietly changed the line of succession of the Justice Department so that an Obama-friendly prosecutor would be put in charge, should Jeff Sessions have to recuse himself.

Obviously, last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions did recuse himself from investigations involving the Trump campaign.

Fortunately a few weeks prior to that, the Trump administration became aware of what the Obama administration had done and changed the line of succession back, such that a respected career Justice Department official will be handling those investigations.

The prospect of an Obama crony having the power to appoint a special prosecutor to launch a politically charged inquest directed at the White House raises a troubling quetion. Did the Obama White House try and plant a boobie trap to ensnare the Trump White House. In the absence of another explanation, that is what it looks like.”