Tucker Carlson Takes On Radical Berkeley Protestor Who Says ‘Milo A Fascist, Must Be Stopped By Any Means Necessary’

Tucker Carlson exposed Yvette Felarca, a national organizer for BAMN a radical activist group. BAMN was one of the biggest backers behind the UC Berkeley riots that shut down Milo from speaking.

“A fascist is someone who’s organizing a mass movement that’s attacking women, immigrants, black people, other minority groups in a movement of genocide,” Felarca answered when asked to define a fascist.

Felarca said her group would fight “by any means necessary,” referring to the group’s name BAMN, to “shut down” fascists.

“What do you mean by shut down?” Carlson asked. “What if I want to keep talking? What if I’m saying something you find appalling, but I’ve got a First Amendment right. I’m an American. What would you do?”