Tucker To Dem Strategist: When Did Democrats Become Party Of War?

After Trump bombed a Syrian airbase in retaliation to a chemical weapons attack the democrats and mainstream media have been singing Trump’s praises. Tucker Carlson had democrat strategist Al Mottur on his show to explore why the democrats are now supportive of war.

“When did the democrat party become the war party,” Carlson asked.

“Of course we’re not happy we are moving toward war. My point is that I’m happy that this administration is taking Russia seriously and Secretary Tillerson sent the right signals today in his meeting with the foreign minister,” democrat strategist Mottur replied…

Carlson continued, “The Prime Minister of Russia said U.S.-Russian relations are, and I’m quoting now, ‘ruined and we are on the brink of armed conflict.’ That’s bad! Why would that be heartening to you?”