John McCain up to old tricks for Senate Election Campaign

In 2005, Senators John McCain & Ted Kennedy proposed a guest-worker program & a path to citizenship for most illegal immigrants. This effort was fortunately stopped by the American people calling the capitol and shutting down the phones. Again in 2007, another bipartisan immigration reform effort was made, led by Senators John Kyl and Kennedy and supported by John McCain, but again the American people stood up and the bill failed.

Then after trying to past amnesty twice in his Senate term John McCain ran in 2010 for his senate re-election campaign on “Completing the danged fence.” You can see his campaign ad below:

John McCain is trying to erase that 2010 ad. Gawker even reported that McCain tried to get his old ad pulled from the internet using copyright laws.

Then in 2013 John McCain and his sidekick Jeff Flake began pushing the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill out of the Senate. They even passed the Bill out of the Senate and were days away from passing it in the House before Dave Brat beat Eric Cantor in the GOP primary and stopped the bill from being voted on in the House of Representatives.

History is now repeating itself with McCain silent on his Amnesty crusade, but blasting the internet with his endorsement from the Border Patrol Union.

Rep. Kirk Patrick’s campaign on McCain on Immigration:

“Arizonans have no idea where McCain stands on immigration because he desperately tries to play both sides to save his political career. That’s not ‘straight talk,’ that’s just more proof that McCain has changed after 33 years in Washington,” said D.B. Mitchell, a spokesman for the Kirkpatrick campaign.

State Sen. Kelli Ward on McCain on Immigration:

“[McCain] basically failed us [on immigration]. He lied; He said he wanted to build a [border] fence and then he ran right to the gang of eight amnesty bill, and the comprehensive immigration reform that we all know is code for amnesty,” said the candidate. “So that on the ground here in Arizona is very, very important.”

John McCain has lied to his constituents over and over again. Will they be hood winked one more time?