AG Sessions Says Justice Department To Review Russian Uranium Deal

On Wednesday AG Sessions said that the Justice Department will review revelations in the news showing the Obama administration approved a uranium deal with Russia despite evidence garnered by the FBI showing that Russian nuclear officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks and other corruption on U.S. soil.

“We will hear your concerns — the Department of Justice will take such actions as is appropriate,” Sessions told Senate Chairman Chuck Grassley.

“Without confirming or denying the existence of an investigation, I would say I hear your concerns and they will be reviewed,” Sessions added.

AG Sessions Says Rosenstein Can Investigate himself in Uranium One Criminal Probe

Senator Charles Grassley also asked AG Sessions if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be allowed to investigate himself regarding new information on the Hillary Clinton Uranium One scandal.

Grassley said one of his concerns was that the FBI probe of Russian nuclear corruption was run by then Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein now serves as the deputy attorney general in the Trump administration and oversees the Russian investigation conducted by Mueller.

Rosenstein “directly supervised the criminal case when he was U.S. attorney in Maryland. I don’t think it would be proper for him to supervise a review of his own conduct, do you?” Grassley asked.

“It would be his decision. He’s a man of integrity,” Sessions responded.