Anti-Trump Flake In Trouble As Primary Challenger Surges

A new poll shows Kelli Ward, the conservative Pro-Trump challenger surging against Senator Jeff Flake.

Senator Flake refused to support Trump for president in 2016, Flake instead voted for independent spoiler Evan McMullin and even signaled tacit support for Tim Kaine as Vice President.

Flake spent 2016 openly mocking Trump and encouraging Republicans not to endorse the president. Flake was one of the GOP leaders pushing the amnesty bill in 2013 and Flake had plans to resurrect that bill if Hillary had won the election.

Republicans in Arizona aren’t buying what Flake is selling and Kelli Ward is surging.

A new poll out shows Kelli Ward leading Senator Flake 48-31% among likely GOP primary voters with 21 percent of voters still undecided.

Top Trump administration officials have reportedly met with Kelli Ward and had discussions concerning her 2018 run against Flake.

Morning Consult found that Flake is literally the lease popular Senator in America with ‘just 37 percent of registered voters in Arizona approve of their junior senator, compared with 45 percent who disapprove. That gives Flake a net approval rating1 of -8 percentage points, the worst of any senator.’