BOOM: CNN Earns Title Of Least Trusted Cable News Network

CNN the self proclaimed ‘Most Trusted Name In News’ is the least trusted news network according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

    Among cable news network viewers who watch Fox News most often, 50% say they trust the political news they are getting. That compares to 43% of MSNBC viewers and just 33% who tune in mostly to CNN.

Rasmussen reported that while 37% of voters relied on cable news networks for news about the 2016 presidential campaign a staggering 22% rely mostly on internet news sites.

    Cable news networks were the number one source of news about the presidential campaign for 37% of voters. Twenty-two percent (22%) relied on internet news sites, while just as many (21%) turned to traditional TV networks news. Seven percent (7%) got most of their news about the campaign from social media. Five percent (5%) used radio, and four percent (4%) looked primarily at print newspapers. Voters were pretty critical of the news coverage they got this election cycle, particularly those who relied on social media.

Keep up the great work CNN!