Comey’s Leaked Memo’s Contained Classified Information

According to a new Hill report more than half of the memos James Comey wrote about his personal interactions with President Trump have been determined to contain classified information.

Not only has Comey admitted to leaking his memos, but the Hill reports that Comey also leaked classified information which is illegal and a huge violation of FBI rules and regulations.

Last month, Comey testified that he considered the memos he leaked to be personal documents, but he admitted to leaking the reports to the news media to pressure the DOJ to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Trump.

Comey was a disgruntled fired employee trying to get revenge on his boss..

Breitbart reported:

    The report, released by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Thursday, found that there were 125 separate leaks in President Trump’s first 126 days that were potentially damaging to national security.

    The report said it included Comey’s leaking of his memos after he was fired by Trump in May.

    The report said:

    In testimony before the Senate, Director Comey said he deliberately wrote the memos in unclassified form and that he helped leak them to the media in hopes of getting a special counsel appointed.

    This report is not meant to question the motives of Director Comey. The release of these documents, however, could potentially harm national security under the 2009 presidential Executive Order if they concern foreign relations or counter-intelligence efforts.

It’s now become clear that Comey refused to investigate or prosecute leaks because he was chief among them.

The DOJ must prosecute Comey.