Ex-Planned Parenthood Director: “We Have Monthly Abortion Quotas”

Former clinic Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson reveals the horrors of what she saw in new book ‘The Walls are Talking’ and tells Tucker why she became an anti-abortion activist.

Johnson said, “I was there for eight years… I was a clinic manager so I took care of just day-to-day operations hiring and firing personnel making sure that our budgets were maintained, including our abortion quota… Every abortion facility within Planned Parenthood has a monthly abortion quota that they must meet… So they make their money about 50% of their income is just cash from abortion services.”

“You know funny about mammograms, there is not a Planned Parenthood in the country that provides mammogram services. They don’t provide prenatal care they don’t do a lot of the things that they say that they do,” Johnson commented.

Watch the entire interview below: