My Father Was Killed By An Illegal

A daughter lost her father, a wife lost her husband, and a country lost a hero because politicians refused to secure the border and enforce American immigration laws.

Pepperconchobhar tells the story of how her step-father, a Vietnam vet who earned a purple heart in Nam, was murdered by an illegal alien and essentially let go by the court system.

From pepperconchobhar:

So here’s the thing.

25 years ago my stepfather, the man who raised me, was a passenger with a co-worker on his way to work when an illegal (who’d been arrested twice before and let off) came onto the highway from the on ramp – drunk – and slammed into the side of my dad’s car. This was just north of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was before sanctuary cities were an official thing, but it was going on back then in a quiet way.

My dad’s head injury was so bad that his brains were leaking out. He wasn’t lucid, but he was screaming ‘mommy!’ for about an hour as they tried to save his life. He died right after they got him to the ER, still screaming for his mom. “Mommy!” was the last word that that middle-aged man ever said. He screamed it without pausing a hundred times as his brains spilled onto the gurney.

This was the man who raised me.

The cops arrested the illegal. The next morning the judge let him out with no bail. The bastard fled back to Mexico to dodge charges and nobody ever heard from him again.

My grandmother was devastated. Not only was her only son dead, but the son of a bitch would never face justice. Our family was left with a dead body and a flag and nothing else.

For 25 years I tried to bring attention to this bullshit situation and I was ignored until I finally just gave up. Nobody cared. If I tried to tell our story, I was a racist who was painting all ‘dreamers’ with a broad brush.

Then Trump arrived.

For the first time that I can remember, my family is being heard. ‎Maria Espinoza personally reached out to me and listened. She had our future president’s ear and she passed on our story.

Tomorrow I’m going to watch two laws be voted on that will spare other families the pain that mine has known. Kate’s law and the law that cracks down on the sanctuary city bullshit.

Thank you, President Trump for hearing MY family. Thank you, pedes. For hearing common sense and for bring this issue into modern debate. Thank you all for standing by your countrymen and by our president.

There will never be justice for my family, but I pray that other parents and children won’t know my pain.

You’re all beautiful and I love you with all my heart. Thank you.