Fireable Offense: John Kelly Embarrassed Of Trump During His UN Speech

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has once again shown he is not on the ‘America First’ Trump train. During Trump’s address to the United Nations multiple photos show John Kelly visibly distressed and upset.

This isn’t the first time Kelly has expressed discomforting body language when his boss is giving a speech or Q&A session.

Kelly is manipulating the president and cutting out all ‘America First’ information, articles, and staffers. He not only acts embarrassed of POTUS, but he is also cutting out all information that doesn’t fit his establishment/globalist worldview.

Axios reported early Tuesday that Kelly is trying to destroy Trump’s populist nationalist agenda:

    Who is around President Trump matters much more than with most presidents, because of his impulsiveness, lack of ideology and willingness to make snap decisions. So if you wonder why President Trump has been willing to seriously entertain — and in one case so far, execute — policies that would’ve been anathema to Campaign Trump, it’s partly because of the feedback loop built by Chief of Staff John Kelly and the process adhered to by the national security team before briefing Trump.

    Trump’s exposure to populist nationalism is now close to zero, and look for the latest version of Trump to be on display when he speaks to the U.N. General Assembly at 10:30 this morning.

    Why it matters: Kelly and Staff Secretary Rob Porter pick and choose what information gets to Trump and who’s allowed to weigh in, that’s supreme power. Trump is totally willing to flip positions — or take an instant stance on a new issue — if presented with compelling evidence in the moment.

Below is President Trump’s outstanding address to the United Nations: