Gad Saad On Rogan Podcast: How Much Evidence Do You Need To See That Islam Is Problematic To Secular Liberal Modern Values?

Gad Saad is a professor of marketing at Concordia University, and research chair in evolutionary behavioral sciences and Darwinian consumption. Saad questioned islamaphobia and political correctness, Islamic immigration to the West, and Saad’s pet disorder: ‘Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome’, which describes the act of putting your head in the sand to escape your problems.

“Do you know that’s a myth?” the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast host asked about ostriches burying their heads in the sand. “The myth being, folks, that ostriches don’t really stick their heads in the sand.”

“Yeah, absolutely, it has become just a metaphor,” Saad assured him. “It has really taken on a life of its own, I am actually thinking about studying this scientifically. What is it that causes people to be more likely to be parasitized by the types of mindsets that would cause you to suffer from Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome? A classic example would be how much evidence do you need to see around the world that there might be some religious ideology that is somewhat problematic, and antithetical to secular, liberal modern values. How much information would you need to see? What type of information would you need to see before you arrived at a conclusion like that?”

“One of the things I’m thinking of doing is formally quantify a score OPS (Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome), how much someone suffers from OPS as a type of mindset,” he explained.

Joe Rogan interjected: “There are certain people who just never want to hurt anyone’s feelings, except when they think that it is within their rights to attack that person because that person is victimizing someone else… Did you hear about the guy in Canada who is getting sued — the human rights council fined him $12,000 because he walked into an apartment that he owned with shoes on, and there was a Msulim family living there, and their lease was up and he was looking to rent the apartment… And because he walked into a building that he owns with his shoes on, he has to pay the $12,000 for failing to accomodate their religious practices.”

“Welcome to Canada,” Saad said, bringing up the new law in Montreal — M-103 which make Islamaphobic statements illegal.

“Why is it that people are so—-,” Rogan asked. “Especially with Muslims, have you noticed that there is a lot of people that will accuse everyone of Islamophobia, but then they love to shit on Christians. That is very, very common. It is not that they believe in religious freedom — they have like a pet cause of being a contrarian to a lot of far right people who are really terrified of Muslims, and they are trying to balance it out with their own crazy left wing version of that.”

“There are two explanations,” Saad explained. “First is they are just afraid to criticize Muslims because there are greater repercussions than criticizing a Christian… just from a basic survival standpoint. Also, secondly, as part of the OPS, there are all sorts of erroneous ideas that people have been infected with. They think that the Muslims religion is a religion for the downtrodden, the brown people, the exotic other. And so to criticize them when they are a hapless, exotic minority is racist and sexist — and people really believe that. Even though most of the countries that these people are coming from, not only are they the majority, they are the exclusive majority…”

“When Islam comes into a place, the society can either get better, it can remain unchanged, or it can get worse. Do we have enough data after 1,400 years to suggest that we can try to bet about what will happen to society [if we continue to allow mass Muslim immigration]? Sadly, yes, we do.”