GOP Senate Challenger Kelli Ward Calls Out Jeff Flake For Pushing ‘Open Borders And Amnesty’

Dr. Kelli Ward blasted Senator Flake on Fox and Friends Monday for being weak on borders and for pushing illegal immigration. Dr. Ward called out Flake for his constant attacks on President Trump while the Senate has failed to pass any meaningful legislation for the president to sign.

“He [Jeff Flake] believes in open borders and amnesty and I believe in building the wall and stopping illegal immigration. I think we do need a physical border. I think we do need to mix the mortar to fix the border. And that means a wall,” Ward told Fox and Friends on Monday.

“Unfortunately for us in Arizona, we don’t have a conservative Republican senator,” Ward said. “We don’t have a senator who supports the president at all. And so 2018, it’s time for a change to get someone in office who is going to support that America first agenda, and move this country in the right direction.”

Last week President Trump made waves when he essentially endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward for the 2018 AZ senate race. The President will be in Phoenix Tuesday for a campaign style like rally.

“As a physician myself, it is appalling that we have the House, the Senate, and the White House and the insider political professionals couldn’t get the job done for the American people,” Ward said. “People in Arizona are suffering with high deductibles and skyrocketing premiums, and they can’t access high quality cost effective healthcare.”

Watch the full interview below: