Illinoisan Here, I Have A Few Things I Want To Say Concerning The Events In Chicago

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night centipedes. I wanted to share a story concerning the events that have taken place in Chicago, and my thoughts in general. I apologize in advance as this got quite lengthy, but I have been processing these thoughts for the better part of two days.

I am a teacher from Illinois who works regularly with Special Education students. Today, one of our kids came in and was completely shut down- not responding to anything we said, absolutely isolated from everyone and everything around her. She stayed like this for most of first period, until another student asked her why she was upset. This sent her into hysterics, sobbing so uncontrollably she could barely speak. What she did manage to say was, “He was my friend… he was my friend.”

You see, she knows the young man who we all saw in that video.

Sporadically throughout the rest of the day, our students voiced their confusion: “Why did that happen?” “Why did that boy get in the car with them?” “Will they charge the people that did this?”

And to be honest, I couldn’t answer their questions beyond a paltry “I don’t know.” And that absolutely sickens me, because I truthfully do not know what the Chicago justice system will do with them. This is how fucked up it has all become.

I’ve watched the videos of ISIS cutting off heads. I’ve seen the blood, gore, and violence in videos or dash-cams that Reddit or other sites somehow find, and I’ve never been fazed. Yesterday, for the first time, I actually felt nauseous at what I saw, not because of the torture, but because I saw each one of my students where that boy was, and the fact that we are so close to the city made it even worse.

Now I am not a city person, but the city of Chicago is a great place, filled with history, culture, and life. But something is terribly wrong within its very soul. When a place has earned the nickname of “Chi-raq”, it should make someone seriously think about what that means for Chicagoans.

I have many friends who live in the city, many of the very radical, PC, SJW, 3rd wave feminist, regressive leftist, special-snowflake types that we here pity and despise (in my defense, unlike them, I don’t automatically stop being friends with someone based on their differing beliefs and, as long as you don’t bring up those beliefs, you can almost pretend they’re normal). Yet, even after this disgusting act (and so many others), they will undoubtedly continue to hold the “Chicago is a utopia” banner high.

“But cabcad,” they say, “those things just happen on the south side- on the north side you’re safe!”

Really? Is that why on the walk to breakfast three blocks from your apartment I saw two memorial shrines for murder victims? Is that why I have seen one of your apartment buildings in the background on the news where a shooting happened? No, you’re right, it’s just on the south side.

I love my friends, but I just don’t understand how they can survive in their little, regressive-leftist, college bubble they’ve built around themselves. Over 4000 people were victims of shootings in Chicago, 762 were killed, more than that were probably wounded or victims of other crimes. And that is just considered a “normal” occurrence somehow. But despite all the corruption, poverty, and violence that has taken place there for years and years, it is Donald Trump and his supporters who are apparently the ones to blame and target for all their problems. Yet in a place like Detroit, which has had terrible poverty and crime for what seems like an eternity, they are now jubilant over President Trump negotiating for jobs to return which may trigger a renaissance.

Chicago is now turning into the poster-child of what Democratic meddling will do. Little by little, the city is being overrun with more crime, more poverty, and more radicalism. And because this is Illinois, what happens to that city will trickle into the rest of the state, slowly but surely. We already pay extortion-level taxes so they can fund their ridiculous social programs and pay the corrupt politicians their million-dollar salaries.

It is also absolutely terrifying to think about the implications of all of this: Someone is abducted and tortured for being white and a Trump supporter. And as a Trump supporter, the fact that there are people that think this is not only okay, but necessary is horrifying. Would these city-dwelling friends of mine still say that the city is a good place if I were in that poor kid’s place? I don’t know if I want to know the answer to that.

It has been said before that Illinois is a microcosm of the entire United States. If what we have seen in Chicago for years is any indication of the condition of the United States, I pray to God that He will give President Trump the strength to save this country from what Obama and his cohorts have done to it.

For all our sakes.