Kobach: DACA Recipients Should Be Grateful To Taxpayers; Go Home, Do It Legally

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach clashed over the illegal Obama DACA program being rescinded.

Kobach said they could go back to their home country and bring their parents with them.

“I basically got the message that my country doesn’t want me here. It’s trying to get rid of me and that was, it was very confusing,” DACA recipient Angel Romero told MSNBC.

“A couple of things,” Kobach responded. “One is that he’s gotten a great gift from the American taxpayer. He’s gotten the best free public education in the Western hemisphere. And, you know, he should be grateful because we the taxpayers have paid for that.”

“If you want to be part of the American country, then do it legally. Go to the home country. Your parents who brought you here illegally could go with you,” Kobach said.