Major Tech Blog Admits Silicon Valley Is Excited For Trump Presidency

Journalist Kara Swisher of admits that after speaking to many of Silicon Valley’s top execs there is a surprising amount of excitement for the Trump administration.

Swisher wrote, “I spent the last few weeks talking to a range of Silicon Valley leaders, all of whom will only talk off the record, because, well, Trump.”

“All of them to a person were against him, some even voicing public opposition, during the campaign, and they all lent strong to tepid support to Hillary Clinton. That said, most indicated that they are seeing what they consider some promising signs from the new power structure in D.C.”

After her conversations with tech leaders she explained one of the top reasons for the excitement in the industry was, “Some of those I spoke to said that the Trump transition staff — led by investor Peter Thiel and others — has been much more engaged than previous administrations in reaching out. More so, several insist, than the Obama administration and also the Bush folks.”

Swisher writes that Silicon Valley is excited about deregulation, smaller government agencies, more business types for cabinet level positions, and of course “$2 trillion in overseas assets repatriated to the U.S. at a reasonable tax rate.”

In other words even the leftist liberal Silicon Valley is excited about a better business environment.

Many American tech giants have also been shut out of China and are excited for a president that “seems intent on leveling the playing field in overseas markets and that’s good.”

For all the hooting and hollering that came out of Silicon Valley they may end up as some of the biggest benefactors of a Trump presidency.