McCain GOP Challenger Kelli Ward Drops Bombshell Ad

John McCain is being called out by his primary opponent State Senator Doctor Kelli Ward. McCain has historically sided with Hillary Clinton’s top domestic and foreign policy blunders.

From Kelli Ward:

    “Once he’s elected president, Donald Trump will need a strong partner in the U.S. Senate to Make America Great Again, and that partner is not John McCain, the ultimate establishment insider and Hillary’s favorite Republican, who has repeatedly trashed Trump and his supporters on issue after issue. John McCain is the champion of compromise, open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the importation of Islamist refugees– the exact opposite of the agenda that will win Donald Trump the White House.

    “The establishment is frantic because they know how close John McCain is to losing and what a signal that would send. Fortunately, we are gaining ground every day, and we have the resources to score a historic upset victory on August 30 when Arizonans honor John McCain’s four decades in DC with retirement and replace him with a conservative champion who will finally heal the VA and mix the mortar to fix the border.”

John McCain