McCain Wants To Give The FBI Easy Access To Citizens Browsing History And Email Data Without Obtaining A Warrant

John McCain in the name of ‘national security’ has proposed a law to give the FBI complete access to American citizens browsing history without a warrant. Senator McCain called the amendment a “no-brainer” and claimed it would prevent terrorists from “sneaking into this country,” but in reality it would just remove check and balances and remove privacy and freedom for U.S. citizens. The warrantless data searches narrowly missed Senate approval, but we can expect McCain to revive it if he is re-elected this year.

    “In the wake of the tragic massacre in Orlando, it is important our law enforcement have the tools they need to conduct counterterrorism investigations and track ‘lone wolves,’ or ISIL-inspired terrorists who do not have direct connections to foreign terrorist organizations but who seek to harm Americans,” said Senator McCain. “My amendment would do just that by enacting the ‘ECTR Fix,’ which would allow the FBI to obtain non-content electronic communication transaction records to investigate suspected terrorists, and by allowing our law enforcement to combat ‘lone wolves.’ To be clear, this amendment would not allow the FBI access to the content of private messages, but will only allow law enforcement to look at non-content electronic communication transactional records in the course of a national security investigation, such as how much time a suspicious individual spends on a website. I look forward to working with my Republican and Democratic colleagues to pass this amendment.”

From Vice News:

    Congressional Republicans have a plan to prevent deadly attacks like the Orlando nightclub massacre from happening again: Give the FBI easy access to citizens’ browsing history and email data without the hassle of having to obtain a warrant first.

    Arizona Senator John McCain filed an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Act on Monday night that would do exactly that…

    McCain’s amendment would allow the FBI access to people’s browsing histories and email metadata by broadening the scope of administrative subpoenas known as National Security Letters (NSL).