McConnell Rejecting Trump Agenda: No Wall, No Tax Cuts, No Budget Cuts

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has come out completely against President Trump’s agenda. In a Bloomberg report McConnell basically rejected every major policy that Trump ran on, including building the wall, major tax cuts, significant budget cuts, and even rejecting a boost to infrastructure spending.

From Bloomberg:

    Even before the Comey memo was reported, McConnell laid out an agenda that explicitly rejected more and more of Trump’s major priorities. A tax overhaul, McConnell said, must be revenue-neutral. The president has said it would “OK” if a tax overhaul added to the deficit in the short run to stimulate the economy.

    McConnell offered an unusually strong rebuff of a budget request coming from a president of his own party. Trump’s priorities “aren’t necessarily ours,” he said, adding the president’s plan to slash the State Department is “highly unlikely.” Trump is expected to unveil his detailed budget request on May 23.

    McConnell also said he’s told the administration he wouldn’t support a big infrastructure stimulus package that adds to the deficit either. The forthcoming infrastructure plan must be a “credible, paid-for” proposal, he said. And he wouldn’t commit to fighting for Trump’s wall on the U.S.-Mexican border.

    “We’ll probably have arguments about what’s a wall and what’s security in the course of the discussion about the spending for next year,” he said.

MITCH MCCONNELL MUST BE REPLACED. The swamp dwellers will not drain the swamp and the senate must act. The GOP house repealed and replaced Obamacare weeks ago and under McConnell the senate hasn’t done a damn thing.

Now economist Steve Forbes warned that if Republican lawmakers don’t lower taxes they will lose the House and President Trump will be impeached.

Forbes said, “I think they will cut tax rates. Bigger reform may come next year. But the bigger thing is to get those barriers down now on the corporate tax side and individual tax side… The prospect of becoming a lobbyist or perhaps a FOX News contributor next year I think will focus their minds, we better get something done. Now this special counsel, I think it’s a disaster. But it does bide time. Things will calm down on Capitol Hill where they actually can focus on getting this thing done. If they don’t get this done, the House is going to go to the Democrats and we know that’s going to mean they can’t help themselves> It’s going to mean impeachment. It’s going to mean two years of nothing.