Neocon McCain Attacks Tillerson Over Syria, Says He Regrets Confirming Him

McCain once again went on national television to trash the Trump administration and urge America to go to war with Syria. Syria isn’t a terrorist organization threatening the United States, that would be ISIS who Russia and Syria are actually fighting.

McCain said, “You know I’m preparing myself mentally to be on the show I said, ‘John you’re not going to get upset you’re not going to get emotional’ but I’ve met the white hats I know what the slaughter has been I know that the Russians knew that Bashar Assad was going to use chemical weapons and to say that maybe we’ve got the wrong approach. Look I I agonized over voting for or against Tillerson for Secretary of State not that I didn’t admire his success and all the great things he’s done but the things that he said in the past he has divorced a fundamental of American democracy.