NYT Reporter: Obama “Left A Trail Of Breadcrumbs” To Create Trump-Russia Connection

Matthew Rosenberg the national security reporter for The New York Times, talked with MSNBC’s Brian Williams about reporting that members of the Obama administration tried to spread intelligence about Trump Russia ties around the government to leave a trail for investigators.

So much for Presidents respecting their successors. Obama pretends to be a good guy, but behind closed doors he is a bomb thrower doing whatever it takes to take down Trump.

This NY Times ‘reporter’ inadvertently says it all when he says that Obama “left breadcrumbs”. Leaving breadcrumbs is ineffective in terms of creating an actual trail home. However, it’s great at creating the illusion of an effective trail.

“American allies, including the British and the Dutch have provided information describing meetings in European cities between Russian officials and others close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and associates of President-elect Trump, ” the NYT reports based on ‘anonymous’ sources.