Pat Buchanan: ‘Economic Nationalism Will Go Out The Window If Bannon Leaves; Very Concerned About McMaster’s Foreign Policy Ideas’

Wednesday on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Pat Buchanan warned that if White House chief strategist Steve Bannon were to be kicked out of the White House it would mean the end of economic nationalism.

Buchanan also expressed his concern over National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster foreign policy “ideas.”

“The economic nationalism – I think that would go pretty much out the window,” Buchanan said. “Trump is pretty committed to border control. I think he realizes that is indispensable to his political survival and reelection. But I would be concerned about the foreign policy interventionism, quite frankly, if Bannon were thrown out. But the fact – I haven’t read The Wall Street Journal today, I got up a little late. But I think it also a sign that Bannon must be influential if The Wall Street Journal is clawing the walls.”

Buchanan urged Trump to be loyal to Bannon, calling him a needed “voice.”

“Look, you got to be loyal to your people,” he added. “You need Bannon’s voice in there, quite frankly. He’s the custodian of the populist conservative traditionalist ideas, which are more than half of Trump’s coalition, and also they’re the critical element that got him elected.