Pathetic Schumer: Trump, Republicans Will “Make America Sick Again”

Senate Minority Leader Schumer has decided to take the low road and attempt to scare the American people with the cheap phrase, ‘Make America Sick Again.’

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday after the Senate and House Democratic caucuses met with President Obama Schumer said, “They can’t keep all the things that Americans like about the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and get rid of the rest without throwing away the entire health care system, not just those on ACA, but those with private insurance into chaos….”

“So, we are here today to warn the American people that the Republican plan to cut Medicare, Medicaid, repeal the ACA will ‘Make America s Sick Again.'”

“Instead of working to further ensure affordable care for all Americans, they seek to rip health care way for millions of Americans creating chaos in our entire economy.”