Poll: Jeff Flake Trailing GOP Primary Challenger By 14 Points

The news just keeps getting worse for Jeff ‘The Flake’ as a new poll shows him trailing Kelli Ward by 14 points. Flake, who voted for Evan McMullin in the 2016 election, only accomplishment as a senator was to push for amnesty as a member of the ‘gang of eight’.

Flake has spent the last couple of months trying to sell his new book by going on liberal networks to bash the president.

Flake siding with Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the democrats on gun control, open borders, on the supreme court, and on unbridled free trade has shown Arizona republicans that The Flake doesn’t have their back.

From AzHighGround:

    Q. If the primary election for United States Senate were held today, would you vote for [Rotate] Jeff Flake or Kelli Ward?

    28.2% Jeff Flake
    42.5% Kelli Ward
    5.1% Some other candidate
    24.2% Don’t know, Refused

On Tuesday, President Trump called out Flake at his rally saying Flake is “weak on borders, weak on crime.”

A statewide survey conducted by Az High Ground shows Flake fourteen points behind his primary opponent Doctor Kelli Ward and eight points behind potential general election opponent Kyrsten Sinema.

From AzHighGround:

    Q. If the General Election for United States Senate were held today, would you vote for [Rotate] Jeff Flake or Kyrsten Sinema?

    32.5% Jeff Flake
    40.5% Kyrsten Sinema
    27.0% Don’t know, Refused

    The Republican Primary Election sample was of 273 high efficacy Republican and PND/Independent voters and has a margin of error of ±5.93%. The General Election sample of 400 high efficacy general election voters has a margin of error of ±4.88%.

    “While Election Day may still be more than a year away, Senator Jeff Flake’s campaign has a lot of work to do to persuade Republican primary voters that his form of principled Republican conservatism can trump the nativist populism that is fueling Republican voters’ antipathy towards Washington insiders. These same Republicans still give the President a 74% approval rating in Arizona,” said Chuck Coughlin, President & CEO of HighGround Public Affairs, which conducted the poll.

NBC’s Steve Kornacki details how Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s reelection chances fare when considering his recent feuding with President Trump and tough primary challenger Kelli Ward.