Rep. Dave Brat: Senate Punting On Tax Reform Until Next Year

Rep. Dave Brat (R) is warning that the leadership in Congress is punting on tax-reform until 2018. With Republicans in complete control of all branches of government including Congress and the Presidency they have yet to pass any meaningful legislation. After a major flop on Obamacare repeal and replace the rumor is that in the Republican lead Senate ‘that tax reform is not going to take place until next year, for some reason.

Rep. Dave Brat writes that, ‘Senate leadership is hinting (or just flat-out stating) that they will craft a tax plan with Democrats in order to get to 60 votes, when Congress can pass tax reform under reconciliation THIS MONTH incorporating Republican principles.

Conservatives have spent the last decade fighting for sanity by giving the GOP the keys to the car and the GOP will completely waste it. Brat continues, ‘No doubt that the president is aware of this, which could explain much of the maneuvering that’s going on as the president is fed up with excuses from leadership for not doing the right thing.’

‘As your representative, I want to put on the record right now that I seriously cannot explain what is going on with leadership’s highly-flawed decision making. We need a national push to ensure that we do not find ourselves handing over the keys to the car so that Democratic leaders can steer us over the cliff.’

‘This past week, fiscal conservatives were boxed into a vote by the Treasury Secretary and leadership for a spending/debt package with no reforms whatsoever. A pattern is clearly emerging, one that everyone understands quite well, as we’ve seen it time and again. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring tax rates down, to get rid of all of the loopholes and to drain the swamp with Republican votes. I cannot imagine how off-track tax reform will get if we turn this important decision-making process over to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi — who have made it abundantly clear that they resist every goal of this administration.

Mitch McConnell MUST GO. The Senate is abdicating it’s duty and refusing to craft a conservative tax-reform bill.