Report: Donald Trump’s Biggest Regret

According to Got News Donald Trump’s biggest regret of last year is endorsing John McCain in his primary against Kelli Ward.

This should not be much of a surprise since John McCain un-endorsed Trump in early October as Trump was taking heat for the NBC tape.


    President-elect Donald J. Trump’s “biggest regret” is endorsing Senator John McCain for re-election in 2016, according to a highly-placed source familiar with the Trump transition team’s private conversations.

    The anonymous source told GotNews that President-elect Trump regrets endorsing McCain more than anything else because McCain is “so opposed” to Trump and his policies.

    John McCain is the senior Senator from Arizona and a two-time failed presidential candidate. He was challenged in the Republican senatorial primaries in 2016 by Dr. Kelli Ward, but managed to survive.

    President-elect Trump has expressed his regret for endorsing McCain privately, but not publicly — yet.