Sen. Flake’s Numbers Plunge As He Is Featured In Hillary Campaign Ad

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona has continued to go on national programs to assault his parties presidential nominee Donald Trump and now Hillary Clinton’s campaign has used a clip of Flake in their advertisement to attack Trump. But Flake’s continued attacks on the nominee are seriously damaging Flakes approval. Flake at the moment has the lowest approval rating of any statewide office holder in Arizona.

The low approval numbers below conducted by AZcentral shows Flake was viewed either favorably or very favorably by only 34.9 percent of Arizona voters. You can see his very favorable numbers are dismal, but he was viewed unfavorably or very unfavorably by 35.5 percent while a significant 29.5 percent said they didn’t know or refused to answer. Flake has failed to gain the support of the grassroots Arizona republicans and is relying on big donors to get through his next re-election campaign in 2018.

Jeff Flake-August


From ABC 15:

    A new Hillary Clinton campaign advertisement features an Arizona politician — Sen. Jeff Flake.

    Flake appears alongside several other Republican legislators in criticizing Donald Trump.

    “I can’t vote for Donald Trump given the things that he’s said,” Flake says in the ad, which ultimately calls Trump “unfit” and dangerous.”

    Flake’s office could not be reached for comment Monday, but the junior senator has been outspoken against the New York businessman.

    Flake said last week that he would “keep speaking out” until Trump changes his campaign’s tone.

    That was in response to Trump calling Flake “weak” on Twitter.