Stephen Miller to Failing NYTimes’ Glenn Thrush: “Maybe we’ll include a carve-out in the bill to allow NYT to hire all the low-skilled workers and see how you feel.”

On Wednesday, White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller took questions over Trump’s new immigration proposal that focuses on a merit-based system for immigration.

During the Q&A Glenn Thrush asked Miller to provide statistics to back up his claims about immigration and Miller aptly listed the name of several studies before arguing that the merit-based legislation is “common sense.”

Thrush responded, “I’m not asking for common sense. I’m asking for specific statistical data.”

“Maybe we’ll make a carve out in the bill that says the New York Times can hire all the low-skilled, less-paid workers they want from other countries and see how you feel then about low wage substitution,” Miller said. “This is a reality that’s happening in our country. Maybe it’s time we have compassion for American workers.”