Styxhexenhammer: John McCain Probably Colluding With DNC And Foreign States To Stop Trump

On Friday Stxyhexenhammer exposed John McCain as likely the leaker of the fake dossier that was published on Buzzfeed and spread throughout the intelligence apparatus to damage Trump. 

Styx said, “Now we have word that John McCain was openly discussing sort of the APPA the opposition research stuff from Orb is with foreign agents. That is John McCain is the one colluding with people from a foreign state in a political capacity..”

    Styxhexenhammer: “I think John McCain and these others were already talking to the DNC trying to give them material, I think that they had Obama helped cover things up with the Russian server, the Russian hackers in the DNC server bull-crap when in reality was private individuals leaking information, nothing to do with Russia. I don’t think so they try to protect Clinton because through that stage they’re like ‘well as long as we all help out you know if a bunch of us hire hitting Republicans secretly or helping out the Dems Clinton’s going to wipe the floor with him.’

    It’s not going to matter because they want Clinton, she’s a globalist and a neoliberal neoliberals are much closer to neoconservatives than Trump’s variant of mild reform. That his style of reform is still like 75 percent the same as the standard democrat or republican it’s just minus a few of the worst aspects of globalism but they can’t stand. That they feel like he’s an actual free agent he’s not part of the deep state, he’s actually apparently not rubbing elbows with everyone in DC and being very buddy-buddy beyond doing his own long term opposition research back when he was a private citizen. They’re worried I think I think they’re worried he actually tears up bad trade deals brings back U.S. industry and de-globalizes our impact in the world.

    Now somebody who’s a fan of neoliberal quid neocon McCain might say well they’re doing it for benevolent purposes, Trump’s ideas even if he himself means well will not work, will weaken our republic. Okay, believe whatever the fuck you want to believe under the sun, John McCain is provably talking with foreign agents about a dossier that is exposed as half fake, anyway gets published through BuzzFeed. He’s one of the only people who had the full document for them to publish, who do you think leaked it to BuzzFeed in the first place?

    John McCain, a Republican is working with BuzzFeed on this issue. I think what happened then it becomes clear Clinton doesn’t win, Trump wins they’re like ‘oh shit’ so what do they do? They begin laying more groundwork for Russian bullshit by talking to their people in the media on both the left and right. You get to realize if this involves neo cons and neo liberals every part of the media is at their disposal why do you think Trump refuses to talk to these people why do you think he attacks them constantly?”