Trump more popular with Veterans than McCain


Not only is Trump still up around 27% support from GOP voters, but he has a higher favorability rating than Senator McCain with Veterans! This must be driving the Senator from Arizona absolutely insane.

From YouGov:

Even more striking, veterans and those currently in the military are more likelyktrump5 to have favorable views of Trump than to have favorable views of McCain. 41% say they have favorable views of McCain, while more than half are favorable to Trump.

Veterans are divided on whether Trump owes McCain an apology.

While a core of Republicans appear to have coalesced around a Trump candidacy, the New York businessman has yet to cross the threshold of being viewed as a likely winner with many Republicans. More than three times as many Republican-identifying registered voters view Bush as the likely Republican nominee than say Trump is that person. 36% call Bush the likely winner, 11% choose Walker, and just 10% name Trump.