Trump Pitches Solar-Paneled Border Wall Where Generated Electricity Could Be Used To Pay For Cost

Axios reported that Trump floated the idea that the new border wall could be covered in solar panels and the electricity generated used to pay for the cost.

    “Trump said his vision was a wall 40 feet to 50 feet high and covered with solar panels so they’d be “beautiful structures,” the people said. The President said that most walls you hear about are 14 feet or 15 feet tall but this would be nothing like those walls. Trump told the lawmakers they could talk about the solar-paneled wall as long as they said it was his idea. One person cautioned that the President wasn’t presenting the solar-paneled wall as the definite solution.”

Since the solar panels will be facing south, we would be using Mexican sunshine to power them so Mexico would be paying for it AND it will be ‘environmentally-friendly’. So it’s a win, win, win.

Bruce Blakeman of Sustainable Technology, Inc. provides insight about the solar powered border wall proposal President Trump allegedly told Congressional GOP leaders about this week.